Monday, March 11, 2013

When I started in this business..well when it found me...I notice the lack of respect and recognition women received in something so heavily populated by men. I noticed how quickly she gets pushed aside for their greater good. When I was told that we were not filming my movie because Christian movies were the new trend, I knew it was time for me to either get it poppin' or get out of the business! 2010 GoldenGirl FilmWorks was born with it's first short film Angela's Glory Movie. I quickly learned how important an editor is and what lengths others will go to get the "right one". I was blessed to learn editing 1st then all that surrounds it. How beautiful to be in the center of this creative nucleus. I love everything about cinema from conception to birth. My films are my babies. I will continue to make films about women, for women, and by women. I am GoldenGirl.